Cantina 817

Cantina 817 (the number refers to its address on Gympie Rd) is a surprising cafe. From the outside it appears to be a hole in the wall that caters to the passing trade. Upon entering, it becomes clear that the small amount of seats on the footpath only constitutes about 10% of the overall capacity.

There is a nice range of seats, bars and booths to suit most combinations of people and although the indoor space is quite small, I had no trouble with Clara’s pram. There is a large area out the back, but nobody was out there – it was hot and I wanted to stay in air conditioned comfort.

The staff were very nice, but I had a few issues with the drinking vessels. Firstly, the water came in a handleless jar. I don’t understand the whole mason jar thing, and in my opinion it makes the establishment seem a bit like a tightarse (even though I am aware that they are quite pricey). Water goes in a glass, coffee goes in a mug, jam goes in a jar.

Speaking of coffee mugs, they should be designed so that the average person can get their finger through the handle. If you can’t do that, then it is not a handle, it’s a knob. And so is the person who designed it.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but could have been just that little bit nicer.


Location: 817 Gympie Rd
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.00, Babyccino $1.00
Seating: 20-30 inside, 30-50 outside back, 0-10 outside front

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