This cafe is located on the southern end of Westfield Chermside, near the entrance where the southern food court meets the outdoor eating area. It’s busy, and there is really no escape. The cafe is long and thin, with no part of it being far from the masses.

The coffee size naming system is stupid. I shouldn’t have to check a list of names to see if I am getting the biggest one – I’m tired, cranky and want coffee, prestissimo. I understand the reasons behind making everything seem bigger than it is, but it just appears like the opposite of women’s clothes sizing (thankfully us guys seem to have avoided this). It’s confusing and doesn’t fool anyone.

Speaking of getting coffee quickly, I was very impressed with the service speed. I had barely got Clara and I to our seats and whipped out my notepad before the two drinks were delivered to our table. This was excellent, although the lack of spoon with the babyccino wasn’t. Paper cups were employed which seems a bit cheap considering that this cafe was in the upper half of the pricing spectrum.

It’s good if you want your coffee quick, but for me there is little other reason to recommend Stellarossa.


Location: Westfield Chermside
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.80, Babyccino $1.00
Seating: 30-50

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