Scuzi Cafe

I’ve been to Scuzi quite a lot. It’s well set up for prams, which means that we’ve met some other parents there. Additionally, it’s the location of the twice monthly parkrun coffee catchup. It’s just as well then, that I like it there.

Scuzi is located in the northern food court of Westfield, backing onto the car park. It also backs onto the kids’ play area, which incidentally contains a time capsule with a typo (hemishpere – oh dear). This, you may think, is going to be noisy. And you would be right, but generally there are so many people in the cafe that you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Being in the new (2005) part of the shopping centre, there are lovely high ceilings, and the proximity to the open air gives a nice feel of spaciousness, not experienced at other cafes so far. Before ordering, I was given a bottle of water and a glass with ice, which is a cheap way of adding a bit of extra class.

The babyccino was served in a little glass, which made it look a bit like a miniature latte, but the taste was of a rich hot chocolate. I always try Clara’s drinks first, testing for heat, and I didn’t let her have the whole thing as she would have been bouncing off the walls.

Incidentally, they offer a drink for adults which produces a similar effect. Called a Mega Mug (although I have heard it called a bowl or bucket), it has five shots and costs $6.50. It’s great value, but I had one early in 2015 and didn’t feel right for the rest of the day. This time I stuck with the large, which was generous enough!

Overall, Scuzi is a great place to spend a couple of hours. It’s spacious enough, doesn’t cost too much and the staff are great. If the babyccino was a little less sugary then it would have scored a 10.


Location: Westfield Chermside
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.50, Babyccino $1.50
Seating: >100

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