Some people have a big problem with coffee chains. In fact, for some it seems like a competition to find the tiniest, most obscure, most inaccessible cafe. I couldn’t care less for this. If a big chain serves up good coffee in a good atmosphere, that’s fine for me.

So I found myself at the chain to end all chains – Starbucks. This cafe is perpetually busy, so either they are doing something right, or people are sheep. I’m inclined now to think that it’s the former.

It’s definitely not the price that’s pulling people in. If I had asked for a marshmallow with the babyccino, the total cost would have been $6.45, which I believe is the most expensive cafe so far. You do get a lot for your money, with the cappuccino being very generous. However, Starbucks persists with their bloody stupid naming system.

The babyccino was almost all froth, which is fine in my books, but may make some feel short changed. I do think 25c for a marshmallow is a bit much, though. My cappuccino was very tasty.

The ordering area, which contains a few seats and bars, is very cramped. Luckily there is plenty of seating in the food court area which I believe is reserved for Starbucks customers. This is both varied in form and spacious – I had no trouble getting the pram around.

Overall, Starbucks is a pleasant place to have a good tasting coffee. Just don’t think that it’s a bargain.


Location: Westfield Chermside
Prices: Large Cappuccino $5.40, Babyccino $0.80
Seating: >100

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