Caffe Cherry Beans

Westfield’s level 2 shops opened a while back, and I was looking forward to sampling all of the new cafes with Clara. The only problem with that idea is that I could only find one cafe in the entire new floor. Maybe people like drinking their coffee at sea level?

Caffe Cherry Beans is nice enough inside – there is a lot of room in between the tables for prams (although Clara is getting a bit old for hers). The service was quick enough, but the drinks were nothing special. The price was also quite high.

Would I come here again? Maybe if I was with a parenting group, but otherwise, there are better offerings on the ground floor.


Location: Westfield Chermside
Prices: Large Cappuccino $5.40, Babyccino $1.50
Seating: 30 – 50

Read a real review here.

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