Cantina 817

Cantina 817 (the number refers to its address on Gympie Rd) is a surprising cafe. From the outside it appears to be a hole in the wall that caters to the passing trade. Upon entering, it becomes clear that the small amount of seats on the footpath only constitutes about 10% of the overall capacity.

There is a nice range of seats, bars and booths to suit most combinations of people and although the indoor space is quite small, I had no trouble with Clara’s pram. There is a large area out the back, but nobody was out there – it was hot and I wanted to stay in air conditioned comfort.

The staff were very nice, but I had a few issues with the drinking vessels. Firstly, the water came in a handleless jar. I don’t understand the whole mason jar thing, and in my opinion it makes the establishment seem a bit like a tightarse (even though I am aware that they are quite pricey). Water goes in a glass, coffee goes in a mug, jam goes in a jar.

Speaking of coffee mugs, they should be designed so that the average person can get their finger through the handle. If you can’t do that, then it is not a handle, it’s a knob. And so is the person who designed it.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, but could have been just that little bit nicer.


Location: 817 Gympie Rd
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.00, Babyccino $1.00
Seating: 20-30 inside, 30-50 outside back, 0-10 outside front

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Amici Deli

Amici Deli is an Italian themed cafe/deli located in a small group of shops in the south of Chermside. It offers a great selection of deli meats and cheeses as well as canned and packet goods. Some of these are quite exotic, although some can be had for much less money at a supermarket.

The deli section is nice and cozy without being too cramped, although the cafe section could do with one less table as it’s just a little too easy to bump into other people’s chairs. Every coffee comes with a caramelised biscuit, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the babyccino was no exception (which meant that I got two biscuits). A marshmallow was also offered to Clara.

I’ve eaten lunch at Amici before, and found it overpriced for the size and standard of meals. However, the coffee is excellently priced considering the quality.


Location: 6/725 Gympie Rd
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.00, Babyccino $1.00
Seating: 20-30 inside, 20-30 outside

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New Star Cafe

The New Star Cafe is a basic cafe that aims to cater to the increasing numbers of high rise residents and workers in Chermside. Located on Gympie Rd, there are plenty of pedestrians to entice. Unfortunately, the plain appearance of the interior does little to encourage the passer by to enter. Sure, the signage is clear, but the walls are fairly bare and it is all too easy to ignore.

I liked the fact that the babyccino was free, and the wooden spoon was a nice change from the plastic or metal usually provided. The plastic chairs were also a lot comfier than they looked. The drinks cabinet and food selection were clearly arranged. There was a clear ‘Mum & Dad’ atmosphere to the place, including a toddler out the back of the shop. It was a shame that despite visiting on a weekday in the middle of the morning, I was the only customer.


Location: 779a Gympie Rd
Prices: Large Cappuccino $4.90, Babyccino free
Seating: 10-20 inside, <10 outside